The Enterprise pursuing the
globalization of Korean foods


We express our sincere thanks to everyone who
visited our homepage of SHS Foods with keen interest.

Founded in 1997, SHS Foods has contributed to the promotion of national health due to the production of seasoned dried fish products and the development of new products.
Recently, the safety of foods has been a major issue at home and abroad and now we have to pay more attention to the safety of foods and clean manufacturing environment.

Thus, to meet the demands of our customers, we prioritize our business goal to achieve the safety of food for best quality and customer health. Not long after establishment, we obtained ISO 9001/2000 certificates and constructed the modernized production process line to obtain an HACCP certificate from KFDA. We produce safe and proper foods for our family in a clean and sanitary environment.

All our employees will endeavor to produce tasty and right foods in the sanitary facilities to realize the value of customer satisfaction in the familial atmosphere under the motto of "Always think of the good [每事盡善]".

Thank you.